Face No More Issues With Amazon Prime Music Support

Amazon previously was famous as a shopping site, and now for extending its service, it launched Amazon prime Music for the music lovers. The Prime Music offers access to more than 1 million songs, and curetted playlists are above hundred. It has an annual subscription fee of $99 for the users.

You can also get a 30-day free trial. Amazon prime has replaced Amazon MP3 and cloud music player apps on Google and iOS devices. Like other music application you may also face problems here, Amazon Music Support is there to resolve your issues.

Amazon prime, you can search for any song, download or stream tracks and playlists. You can also listen to songs from your CDs and store all your music libraries. Amazon Prime customers will get Amazon prime music for free.

Once you download Amazon prime music, you will come to the prime music page, and there you find various lists and categories. You can also look up for a track on the search tab which will appear on the top of the page. Depending on your previous purchase or streamed, Amazon can also show you a list which matches your style and tastes.

You can choose between two options at the top of your library page which are offline library and cloud library. You can find all your tacks and albums on the cloud library which are stored in your AMAZON MUSIC library, and you can also get them offline.

In the offline library, you will get the music you downloaded online, and you can listen to those songs offline.

You can listen to Amazon Prime Music on the following devices which are compatible;

  • Amazon Echo
  • Amazon Music for web
  • MAC and PCs
  • iOS devices
  • All android smart phones and tablets(version 4.4 and above)
  • Fire phone
  • Fire tablets
  • Amazon Fire TV /TV stick
  • Bose sound and touch system
  • Blue sound devices
  • Play-Fi devices
  • SunOS devices

Amazon Prime Music Support Provided For Following Problems

We face various problems in every apps.The problems that are commonly faced by our users are listed below :

  1. Facing problems in logging into your Amazon prime music
  2. Longer time is taken to download your music
  3. Facing any other problem in downloading your music
  4. the problem in updating your app to the latest version
  5. Subscription getting over before time
  6. CANNOT FIND YOUR downloaded music
  7. problem in downloading music from Amazon prime

Support Provided For Amazon Prime Music

Our technical support team is giving their best effort to solve your problems by understanding the cause of your problems and troubleshooting them with their best efforts. Our professionals are very much experienced and efficient to solve your problems efficiently and quickly as we know the value of your time. Our technicians are available for 24*7 to help you out of your problem whenever you need help.

Prime Music Support Service to Resolve Amazon Prime Music Related Issues

For getting our help and support, you do not need to go anywhere out of your house. We are just a call away from you. For availing our support you need to dial on Amazon Prime Music Support Number +1-866-307-1943.